Digital Slides

The Golden Gate Stereoscopicsociety exhibits members’ digital stereo photos on a 55 inch LG 55LB6500 3-D HDTV.

Competition submissions are due the Friday before the meeting and are submitted via email to the Competition Director. Sorry, meeting-day submissions can’t be included in competition.

3-D HDTV File Format Instructions

Submit your digital slides as a single, parallel view, full-width, left on left JPEG file. Size your .jpg to no more than 3840 (1920 x 2) pixels wide or no more than 1080 pixels tall, depending on the aspect ratio:

Full Screen


Widescreen Example (if width is the limiting dimension)


Portrait Example (if height is the limiting dimension)


Our 3-D television supports .mpo (Multi Picture Object) files, and the meeting’s projectionist will convert your submission into an .mpo that can be read by our television.

The HDTV’s 3-D software automatically sharpens and saturates stereo photos, for better or worse. Do not sharpen or saturate stereo photos for display on the club’s 3-D HDTV.

Naming Digital Slides

Properly naming your digital slides before submission ensures that they will be projected in the correct group in the right order.

Save your .jpg files as Firstname Lastname – Group and Entry Number – Title.jpg For example:

Jane Smith - B1 - Golden Gate from Baker Beach.jpg

File Naming Tool

Automatically generates a file name for your digital entries that follows the club’s naming convention.

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