GGSS July Meeting

Part II of the meeting Monday, August 3 @ 7pm PDT
July Special Competition:
Through the Window
Share your creative compositions that emphasize the stereo window

Special Competition Subject Through the Window
Meeting details
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GGSS meetings are held on the fourth Monday of each month (except December).

New! Monthly Competition Submission Date

we are taking an opportunity to streamline our competitions now that our meetings have moved online and our scores are selected electronically. Competition entries are now due the Wednesday before the meeting.

With the earlier submission day, members now have time to view competition slideshows and enter their scores before we meet. We won’t need to wait a month to see the winning entries, and our discussions can go deep since we’ll be familiar with the stereo photos.

I’m looking forward to trying this new process and think it will make our meetings more enjoyable.

Competition Instructions

Members may submit up to four Open Division and four Special Division (eight total) competition entries. Email your entries to Competition Director Melinda Green at no later than this month’s competition deadline (above).

Image Credits

Special Competition:
1-1 Oleg Vorobyoff – SMART Train Leaving Hamilton Station Honorable Mention
1-2 Chris Cavigioli -party in depth Fourth Place
1-3 Thor Klippert COVID -Bus Honorable Mention
1-4 Steve Segal – Have a drink.
1-5 Muzatko Jack – Wheres the Pollen
1-6 Jay Kusnetz -Starfish Honorable Mention
1-7 Melinda Green -MirrorMirror Third Place
2-1 Oleg Vorobyoff -Horse Pasture Beside Lakeville Hwy
2-2 Chris Cavigioli -canyon tree
2-4 Steve Segal -Miami birds Honorable Mention
2-5 Muzatko Jack -Nice Lion
2-6 Jay Kusnetz -Anime Star Honorable Mention
2-7 Melinda Green -EscapingRecursion Second Place
3-1 Oleg Vorobyoff -Wild Flowers and View in a Frame
3-2 Chris Cavigioli -flying on the ground
3-4 Steve Segal -neighborhood branches
3-5 Muzatko Jack -Dont follow Close
3-7 Melinda -Green Origin
4-1 Oleg Vorobyoff -Tuesday Hikers Logo
4-2 Chris Cavigioli -view from above
4-4 Steve Segal -Trans Am First Place
4-5 Muzatko Jack -Take Him
4-7 Melinda Green -RedChairs2

Open Competition:
1-1 Chris Cavigioli – at home in the woods
1-2 Melinda Green – YouShallNotPass
1-3 Oleg Vorobyoff – Half Shaded Oak Tree Honorable Mention
1-4 Muzatko Jack – Salt Plant First Place
1-5 Sharon Primbsch – Arizona Cactus Garden
1-6 Mat Bergman – Skeletal Reflection
1-7 Jay Kusnetz – Astor Cube
1-8 Thor Klippert – Orinda Underpass
1-9 Steve Segal – Stone Gnomes
2-1 Chris Cavigioli – Cambridge
2-2 Melinda Green – SunsetToast Honorable Mention
2-3 Oleg Vorobyoff – Hamilton Hospital Under Construction
2-4 Muzatko Jack – Mountain Clouds Third Place
2-5 Sharon Primbsch – Calgary Stampede Midway
2-7 Jay Kusnetz – Fortitude and Patience
2-8 Thor Klippert – Still LIfe With Viewmaster
2-9 Steve Segal – Victrola
3-1 Chris Cavigioli – vineyard
3-2 Melinda Green – EstuarySunset Fourth Place
3-3 Oleg Vorobyoff – Marin Arts Center and Signage
3-4 Muzatko Jack – Shasta Below
3-5 Sharon Primbsch – Filoli Couple
3-7 Jay Kusnetz – Muir Woods Stream Honorable Mention
3-8 Thor Klippert – Berkeley Hills Fog
3-9 Steve Segal – Warrior horses Honorable Mention
4-1 Chris Cavigioli – urban river
4-2 Melinda Green – HappySquirrel Second Place
4-3 Oleg Vorobyoff – Old Oak Tree and the View North Honorable Mention
4-4 Muzatko Jack – Protected Flower
4-5 Sharon Primbsch – Petting Calaveras Goats
4-7 Jay Kusnetz – Wings
4-9 Steve Segal – Waterfront Vegas

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