Golden Gate Stereoscopic Society

Founded June 26, 1934
Incorporated September 28, 1936
A 503(c) non-profit organization

Member of

Photographic Society of America

National Stereoscopic Association

International Stereographic Union

A Message from the President

Stereography — 3-D photography — is the marvelous craft of making pictures with the illusion of depth. The Golden Gate Stereoscopic Society is the Bay Area’s premier place to view, share, and learn about stereography.

A club is as good as its members, and theGolden Gate Stereoscopic Society is lucky to have a roster of talented and helpful members of all skill levels.

TheGolden Gate Stereoscopic Society’s storied history, public meetings, and community events (including the Oakland International Stereo Exhibition) continue the club’s tradition of promoting and encouraging the art of stereography.


The Panoram

Each month a copy of the Club’s newsletter is distributed to members. Published since 1934, The Panoram contains competition results, articles, and meeting information.

Yahoo! Group

News, alerts, and discussions are posted on our Yahoo! Group. The Panoram is also distributed through the Oakland Camera Club Yahoo! Group. Please join this group to stay up-to-date about the Oakland Camera Club’s activities.


The Golden Gate Stereoscopic Society web site is the most up-to-date resource for information about meeting dates, locations, competition schedules, and how-to articles.


TheGolden Gate Stereoscopic Society meets on the fourth Monday of each month, except December. Meetings start at 7:00pm and run until 10:00pm.

Meetings are held in the E.O.C. room (downstairs) at the Albany Community Center, 1249 Marin Avenue in Albany.

Meeting dates and locations are subject to change, so check the website to confirm.


Annual Banuqet

Our annual banquet is held the first or second Saturday evening in December, and celebrates the club’s accomplishments of the year. We enjoy a show of the year’s winning stereo photos over food and drink. Guests are welcome. The banquet typically runs around $30 per plate.

Oakland International Stereo Exhibition

The Oakland International Stereo Exhibition is one of the world’s leading stereography competitions, and attracts dozens of stereographers from across the globe. Cards, digital slides, and film slides mounted in the Realist format are accepted in two categories: A standard category and a creative/altered reality category.

Running and judging the Oakland International is a team effort that takes place the first week of May. A free, popular exhibition of competition winners follows in June.

Entry forms and competition results are available on the Oakland International web site, maintained by John Ballou, General Chairman of the International Stereo Exhibition.


TheGolden Gate Stereoscopic Society’s PSA-approved 3-D photography competitions comprise two categories:

  • An “open” group competition
  • A “special” competition, based on a list that’s selected annually by the club

All members may submit up to four “open group stereo images, and four “special” group stereo images for each meeting.

Digital files for projection must be correctly formatted to be accepted. Layout, dimension, and resolution specifications are published in the Preparing Digital Slides article on the club’s web site.

Submissions for digital files are due no later than the Friday before the next meeting. Email your formatted files to the club’s Competition Director.


In lieu of a special competition, some meetings include a clinic. Submit up to four images you’d like feedback on from the group. Clinics also feature demonstrations from guests and club members.

Field Trips

Day or overnight trips for all Club members are scheduled periodically for the purpose of furthering photographic skills in the field.

Club Officers

The Club is managed by a board of Directors. Elections are held every January, and terms run for two years.


Elected by membership at Annual Membership Meeting
Chairman, Board of Directors

  • Carry out the duties and responsibilities as outlined in the President’s Manual
  • Preside at all regular and special meetings. Preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors
  • Reserve and confirm the availability of the meeting space. Arrive 15 to 20 minutes early before each meeting starts to confirm that the room is open and set up
  • Greet guests and distribute the club’s flyer
  • Make all Special Committee appointments
  • Prepare an Agenda for all Board Meetings

Vice President

Elected annually by the membership
Member, Board of Directors

  • Assume the duties of President when the President is unable to perform his duties, resigns, dies, or is transferred from the area
  • Preside at meetings of the Board of Directors in the absence of the President
  • May hold any other Club office, elected or appointed, except President and Treasurer
  • Maintain a perpetual inventory of Club equipment. Keep records showing quantity, type, manufacturer, model or size, serial number, estimated replacement cost, location where kept and date of inventory


Elected annually by the membership

  • Serve as scorekeeper during competitions. Provide the Editor with scores for publication in The Panoram
  • Send new members a New Member Email immediately after their acceptance as a member. Text for the New Member’ Email is stored in the download archive at [INSERT URL]
  • Maintain the club’s Roster of Members in digital form. The Roster is not made available publicly, but must be accessible to members seeking contact information about other members
  • Record the minutes of board meetings
  • Send emails to acknowledge donations made to the club
  • Purchase and send a sympathy cards from the Club to members having a death in the family, to a family member if a Club member dies, or for members who have extended illnesses, etc.
  • Correspondence concerning or requests for payment of expenses incurred which are received must be sent to the Treasurer for payment or approval of the Board of Directors
  • Take to Board Meetings:
    • Recent Board Minutes
    • Roster of Members
    • Recent Treasurer’s Reports
    • Notes of items needing action
    • Correspondence received
  • Post to the Club’s Yahoo! Group:
    • Minutes of Board Meetings
    • Changes to the Club’s by-laws or handbook


Editor of Club Bulletin, The Panoram. Elected annually by the Club Membership

  • Produce The Panoram in PDF format in a layout and style defined by the Editor. Prepare The Panoram in sufficient time to be received in advance of the first event of the next month. Distribute the PDF file to the Yahoo! Group as an attachment to a post, and notify members of its availability via email and group notifications
  • Receive monthly competition results from the Secretary, with names of makers and titles of pictures for publication in The Panoram
  • Receive names of new members for publication
  • Edit material submitted and use it to format articles for each page of The Panoram. If insufficient material is submitted to fill The Panoram, the Editor may turn to other sources for articles, such as the PSA Journal or Stereo World (the NSA’s publication), giving credit to the publication and author. If more material is submitted than will fit into the normal-size Panoram, either low priority material can be omitted or put into a later issue if still timely
  • Check PSA, NSA, and ISU publications (online and in print) for names of Club members who are mentioned and include appropriate information in The Panoram (e.g., earning a star rating, winning competitions, receiving honors and awards
  • When requested, prepare special inserts for certain issues of The Panoram (e.g., Reservation form for Annual Awards Banquet, Dues Request form, etc.)
  • Maintain file of items useful for preparing The Panoram, including digital or physical assets like the masthead, logos, artwork, etc. Digital assets must be submitted to the Webmaster for inclusion in the Club’s download archive
  • Collect information for The Panoram at the Club’s annual board meeting. Call attention to errors in the previous month’s Board Minutes


Appointed by the President with approval of the Board of Directors

  • Maintain the club’s permanent file collection, containing:
    • The Panoram past issues
    • Club Bylaws
    • Minutes of the Board of Directors and other meetings
    • Annual Treasurer’s reports
    • Club Rosters
    • Programs of Club banquets and special events
    • Catalogs of competitions and exhibitions sponsored by the Club
    • Scrapbooks of articles and pictures concerning the Club and its members
    • Photographs of Club events
    • Articles of Club incorporation
    • State and federal tax returns and data
    • Rules of Club competitions
    • Records of affiliation with other organizations
    • Club equipment, property and library book inventories
    • History of Club
    • Other records determined by the Board of Directors to be of permanent historical interest to the Club
  • Maintain for five (5) years only files of:
    • Financial records (including Treasurer’s reports, except Annual Treasurer’s Report; audits; financial institutions’ deposits, checks and statements, etc.)
    • General Club correspondence
    • Annual and special reports by Club officers and Special Committees
    • Plans for and reports of field trips and special events
    • Other records determined by the Historian to be of temporary historical interest to the Club


  • Act as custodian of all moneys and securities of the Club, depositing them in one or more financial institutions approved by the Board of Directors
  • Pay all bills, make expenditures approved by the Board, keep detailed accounts and report to the Club the condition of the treasury
  • Collect annual dues from members, solicit membership fees from new members
  • Advise the President of members who are more than two months in arrear in paying membership dues
  • Receive and process expense reports
  • Prepare an annual budget for the Club, with the assistance of a Budget and Audit Special Committe if necessary
  • Maintain forms and paperwork related to the club’s 503(c) non-profit status
  • Prepare a treasurer’s report annually for the Board Meeting
  • Maintain a complete list of Club members and applications for membership

Competition Director

  • Accept competition submissions each month
  • Format and test submissions for projection
  • Responsible for defining the formats for digital slides
  • Organize the next meeting’s show, including a strategy to allow judges to conveniently view stereo thumbnails
  • Maintain and suggests upgrades for projectors, screens, filters, glasses, etc.
  • Document the instructions for setting up and running the projectors so that members can relieve the projectionist if necessary


  • Maintain and update the Club’s web site
  • Manage ownership of the Club’s doman name (oaklandcameraclub.org)
  • Maintain and update an encrypted file of all online and social media accounts used by the Club
  • Administer the Club’s Yahoo! Group
  • Update, manage, and back up the Club’s digital file repository

General Chairman of the International Stereo Exhibition

  • Details in the Chairman’s Handbook

Special Committee Offices

The Club President, with approval of the Board of Directors, may appoint individuals for short-term tasks to advance the Club’s mission statement. The duration of Special Committee terms depends on the goals and requirements of the office.

Past Special Committee offices, many based on formerly permanent offices, include:

Membership Director

  • Establish programs for the obtaining of new Club members
  • Follow up on members who miss Club meetings
  • Follow up on guests who are potential Club members
  • Act as “buddies” of new Club members for a period of about three months
  • Contacting new members before each Club meeting, clinic, workshop, field trip and other Club activity
  • Solicit ideas from Club members for obtaining new members and retaining present members and consult with the Chairman concerning their implementation
  • Recommend to the Chairman ideas which will improve the working of the Membership Committee

Publicity Director

  • Manage the Club’s Facebook page, posting club news, links of interest to stereographers, and “liking” pages and groups maintained by other stereo clubs or organizations that support stereography
  • Research and implement potential online services for promoting the Club (Twitter, etc.)
  • Promote club meetings and special events online and in print with advertisements and posts
  • Identify effective promotional channels
  • Determine the budget and duration of advertisements and promotions. Report estimates and quotes to the President.
  • If allocated funds in the budget, keep a record of disbursements and do not exceed the amount allotted without approval of the Board of Directors

Events Director

  • Research theaters and venues for special events, like public shows or the Oakland International Exhibition
  • Research restaurants and venues for Club banquets and luncheons, like the annual Awards Banquet
  • Budget and negotiate costs for space and equipment rentals. Report estimates and quotes to the President.
  • If allocated funds in the budget, keep a record of disbursements and do not exceed the amount allotted without approval of the Board of Directors

Field Trip Director

  • Hold a Field Trip Committee meeting to consider possible Club field trips for the next year
  • Obtain and consider suggestions for field trips from Club members
  • Consider such items as photographic interest, probable weather conditions, travel distances, methods of transportation, anticipated costs, availability of accommodations if to be used, suitability of subject matter for stereo
  • Submit to the Board of Directors for approval a list of proposed Club field trips
  • After approval of Club field trips by the Board of Directors:
    • Research the destinations, if necessary, in order to be able to provide information to members who have not been there (by sending for literature and/or obtaining information from Club members familiar with the area).
    • Provide the Editor with a list of all approved Club field trips for the year for printing in The Panoram.
  • Write a short article for The Panoram about each field trip, including directions, if necessary, and provide it to the Editor in time to publish it in The Panoram prior to the field trip.
    • If a map or plan is necessary so participants can locate the field trip site, provide one to the Editor to be printed along with the article.
  • Participate in as many field trips as possible

Duties of All Board Members

In addition to their specific tasks, Board Members are asked to:

  • Whenever possible, attend all Division and Club events, such as field trips, fund-raising events, etc.
  • Maintain a file of pertinent data, including this job description
  • If allocated funds in the budget, keep a record of disbursements and do not exceed the amount allotted without approval of the Board of Directors

Duties of Directors at Annual Board Meetings

As defined in the Club’s by-laws, all elected officers are board directors and are required to attend the Club’s annual board meeting. If you cannot attend a board meeting, another Club member can take your place. At board meetings, be prepared to:

  • Discuss and, where appropriate, make motions concerning the Director’s duties or Club functions which need Board approval
  • Make a motion to correct the previous month’s Board Minutes if they are not correct, indicating that the correction should be
  • Second motions made by others
  • Vote on all motions made and seconded
  • Make a progress report on projects the Director is supervising
  • Submit bills for expenses incurred (in duplicate) to the Treasurer
  • Make motions concerning operation or functions of the Club which need Board approval, including requests for funds not previously authorized in the budget or by the Board. with the Board not meeting every month, these may be sent to the Treasurer at any time if funds have been allocated from the approved Club Budget. If funds are to be expended which exceed those allocated, request such funds from the Board prior to expenditure. If necessary, the President can call a phone vote for approval



PSA Photographic Society of America
NSA National Stereoscopic Association
ISU International Stereoscopic Union

Class of Oakland Camera Club Member

HM Honorary
LM Life
CM Competing
NCM Non-competing
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