The San Francisco / Bay Area's Club for Stereo Photography Enthusiasts

Notable Members

Life Members

  • John Ballou
  • Barrie H. Bieler, FPSA FN4C
  • Bill Wasson, APSA
  • Alice Anderson, APSA FN4C
  • Robert H. Baker, FPSA AN4C
  • E. Charles Cornell, HonN4C FN4C
  • Bill W. Field, APSA AN4C
  • Blanche L. Henningsen, AN4C
  • Melvin G. Henningsen, FPSA HonN4C FN4C FRPS
  • Earl W. Henry
  • Russell R. Hilton,FN4C
  • Jeanie W. Jamison
  • Willdene (Dede) Niemand, APSA AN4C
  • John J. Sardy
  • Valeria Sardy
  • Henrietta M. Tinay, FPSA FN4C

Honorary Members

Seton Rochwite, FPSA

Past Presidents

1934-1936Edward H Tower
1936-1937Hal Wiltermood
1937-1938William s. Armstrong
1938-1940Wilson D. Ellis & Stanley R. Truman
1940-1941Frank W. Day
1941-1942Charles B. Gratiot
1942-1943Thomas G. Bell
1943-1944Gilford H. Soules
1944-1945Robert L. Ingram
1945-1946Irving B. Ellis
1946-1947Samuel C. Woody
1947-1948William J. Wasson & Numa P. Dunne
1948-1949Walter G. Treadwell
1949-1950Merritt H. Brady
1950-1951John O. Siipola
1951-1952Ellis g. Rhode
1952-1954Henry A. Viera
1954-1955Estelle Marker
1955-1957Carl B. Wahlund
1957-1958Estelle Marker
1958-1960Alice Anderson
1960-1961Val Benz
1961-1963Ray L. Forrest
1963-1964Eva H. Vierra
1964-1965Mark McKimmins
1965-1966William E. Gabe
1966-1967Ray L. Forrest
1967-1969Russell R. Hilton
1969-1970Charles M. Dane
1970-1972Mark McKimmins
1972-1974Dorothy B. Harder
1974-1976Janice F. Redden
1976-1979Melvin G. Henningsen
1979-1981Robert A. Wilson
1981-1982John W. Niemand
1982-1983Robert A. Wilson
1983-1984Bill W. Field
1984-1985Edna K. Cundiff
1986-1987Russell R. Hilton
1988-1989Willdene Niemand
1990-1992Robert H. Baker
1993-1994E. Charles Cornell
1995Willdene Niemand
1996 – March 2000Barrie H. Bieler
April 2000 – December 2004Jim Johnston
January 2005 – May 2006Barrie H. Bieler
June 2006 – December 2010John Ballou
January 2011 – PresentMat Bergman

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