Pixi 3D Viewer

Inexpensive viewer for computer monitors and SBS prints

copied from the Loreo page

The Pixi 3D Viewer is a Parallel Format (side-by-side) 3D image viewer made of card paper. It is primarily a Computer Monitor Viewer for medium sized images. Cheap, lightweight, foldable and mailable, it folds flat to the thickness of its lenses (5 mm). It is suitable for viewing 10 – 13 inch (25 – 33 cm) wide screen images. Equivalent to 15 – 17 inch computer monitors.

Loreo Pixi 3D Viewer     Left: Loreo Pixi 3D Viewer made from plastic coated card paper with the inside surface printed black to create the dark viewing chamber.

It can also be purchased from Berezin

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