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Thanks to author Linda Nygren

PHOTO-3D lives! (And other Email/Online discussion groups) August 2020

The photo-3d group is a community with a long history, starting as a listserv in the mid-1980’s. It has moved several times and evolved from an email-only group to include a strong online presence, on Yahoo Groups (YG) for almost 20 years and now on the (GIO) platform.
The current group site is for general discussions of stereoscopic 3D photography. The main photo-3d group currently has about 2700 members, and the website includes archived messages dating back 20 years from the predecessor YG and eGroup. There are also subgroups (closed to new messages) that contain the message archives from many other 3D related groups previously on YG. On GIO, even nonmembers can read messages on most groups, but only members can post messages.
You can join at the group website above, or alternatively send a blank email to from the email account where you wish to receive messages. Subscriptions do need to be approved by a moderator (to help prevent spam), so be sure to look for and reply to the “pending subscription” notice you should receive. You will also need to reply to the separate email from that confirms your email address. You can set up a password for your account if you wish, or simply confirm your email periodically which will keep you signed in for 30 days each
time. You can opt to receive individual emails or digests or summaries, or only Special Notices from moderators if you prefer to access and post online. Attachments (stored on the site) and uploads of photos and files are permitted. Database and Wiki and other features are also available on the new website, and message hashtags can be used but are not required. Any questions should go to the group moderators at {} .
There are many specialized 3D groups that also moved to the GIO platform, some of which are listed below:

Sell-3D for buying/selling/trading of 3D related items
MF3D for medium format film
3Dviewmaster for View-Master discussions
3Dsalon for info about 3D stereo exhibitions
3Dtablets for users of glasses-free 3D tablets and phones
3dvideo for 3D stereoscopic video discussions
3d-stereoviewXchange members share images as SBS pairs
images-stereo French language 3D group
APEC for the APEC (mounted cards) and DSEC (4×6 prints) stereoview exchange groups
StereoRealist for users of Stereo Realist film camera systems
Fuji3d user group for Fuji W1/W3
Samsung3d for users of twinned Samsung cameras
StereoDataMaker for users of SDM software to synchronize certain Canon
Lumix3d for users of Panasonic 3D-1 camera and/or Panasonic 3D M43 lens
VR3D for 3D virtual reality discussions

See you on the groups! -Linda Nygren

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