Wikipedea is a great starting off point. Please contact us with suggestions to add here. Main Stereoscopy page and page on Stereoscopic Viewers.Good description of the principals of an autostereoscopic display, which is used by the Fuji W3 and Nintendo 3DS.

Muzeum Trójwymiaru

The Three-Dimensional Museum collects collections of objects, publications, images and texts related to three-dimensional imaging techniques, also called stereoscopic or 3D. The collection includes hundreds of various objects, from historic stereo cameras and stereoscopes from the mid-nineteenth century to modern digital cameras and displays.


Stereopix is a platform to share stereoscopic (3D) photographs. Similar to stereophotomaker or Phereo pages, the images can be displayed in various formats, including support for 3D displaysWhile it is free, you need to be approved to sign up, and it does run on donations. Jack DesBwa is the creator … More Stereopix