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  • Sektion Stereo of the Photographische Gesellschaft

    The Photographische Gesellschaft, (PHG), founded in Vienna in 1861, is the longest-standing photographic society in the German-speaking countries and the second-oldest in the world. It was founded on 22 March 1861 by Anton Georg Martin at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna. The Sektion Stereo of the Photographische Gesellschaft in Wien gegründet 1861 (phg) promotes […]

  • AltspaceVR Worlds

    There is now a way to display stereoscopic images in AltspaceVR. This only works in the VR headset version, not on the 2D desktop version. New York Stereoscopic Society Jim_in_Nj’s Universe > Star Trek: The Viewmaster Experience Mrpete’s original world > 3D videos and photos Jim_in_Nj’s Universe > Old-Time Stereo Theater Dave’s Universe > MacroPhant2Note: […]

  • 3D groups

    Thanks to author Linda Nygren PHOTO-3D lives! (And other Email/Online discussion groups) August 2020 The photo-3d group is a community with a long history, starting as a listserv in the mid-1980’s. It has moved several times and evolved from an email-only group to include a strong online presence, on Yahoo Groups (YG) for almost 20 […]


    ANDRÉ RUITER PHOTOGRAPHY note: has some wonderful old stereoviews, very nice layout and photographs of stereoviewers. Nice collection of nudes.

  • Stereoscopic Media

    Stereoscopic Media is dedicated to the dissemination of academic research in the humanities on all forms of stereoscopic media: photography, cinema, computer games and other new media. It was initiated by Dr. Miriam Ross and Dr. Leon Gurevitch in 2011 with the aim of bringing together high quality critical thought and investigation of past and […]


    The world of View-Master in an animated style. See the viewers in a 360-view, the history, the reels, the envelopes and look around in the View-Master Shop. From the creator of the site:My name is Rob Mulders and I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.My view-master collection started with the camera. Then I discovered the fun […]

  • – Stereographic Images of WWI

    This is the online site for the Boyd/Jordan collection of stereographs related to the Great War (WWI).  Stereoscopic photography was a popular pastime in the Great War period, and companies in most of the warring nations sold stereoviews. This web site describes the manufacturers of photographic stereoviews and explains how to identify them based on their markings. Scans […]

  • Brooklyn Stereoscopic Association

    A new sort of global 3D family, focused on an atmosphere of mutual respect, sharing our (and your) skills with the world, providing a discussion forum for those who don’t have a local club or who have found their local club too “exclusive” for them, and avoiding censorship. Meetings held online on Sundays at 4 […]

  • German Society for Stereoscopy

    The German Society for Stereoscopy! The DGS has existed since 1928 and – as a non-profit association – promotes the dissemination and knowledge of three-dimensional images . The DGS with its approx. 450 members combines knowledge from all areas of stereoscopy, whether photo or video, analog or digital, whether printed stereo cards, red / cyan […]

  • 3-D Review – Online Magazine 3-D Review – The online magazine of stereoscopic product reviews and information. Established 2003. Also includes a store. Van Beydler – EditorHas a page of advertising Viewmasters.

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