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  • Wikipedea

    Wikipedea is a great starting off point. Please contact us with suggestions to add here. Main Stereoscopy page and page on Stereoscopic Viewers.Good description of the principals of an autostereoscopic display, which is used by the Fuji W3 and Nintendo 3DS.

  • (ex-Yahoo)

    With Yahoo groups changing to a pure mailing list, many groups moved to There are (as of June 2020) 14 results for a search for stereoscopic Notable ones are Photo-3D, Sell-3D, Viewmaster, and Fuji3DSince it is against the rules to offer anything for sale in Photo-3D, you can use the group Sell-3D for selling. […]

  • The Stereoscopic Society

    The Stereoscopic Society was founded in 1893 Its membership has a long tradition of capturing the world stereoscopically in 3D using ready made  cameras and self build equipment for over 125 years. Their interests lay across the full spectrum of activities from digitally produced Audiovisual shows to digital and film photography and making of traditional […]

  • Muzeum Trójwymiaru

    The Three-Dimensional Museum collects collections of objects, publications, images and texts related to three-dimensional imaging techniques, also called stereoscopic or 3D. The collection includes hundreds of various objects, from historic stereo cameras and stereoscopes from the mid-nineteenth century to modern digital cameras and displays.

  • Stereopix

    Stereopix is a platform to share stereoscopic (3D) photographs. Similar to stereophotomaker or Phereo pages, the images can be displayed in various formats, including support for 3D displaysWhile it is free, you need to be approved to sign up, and it does run on donations. Jack DesBwa is the creator behind this, and has become […]


    Ian Ference’s 3D blog on all things stereographic, from classic scopes & stereoviews to historical context & modern analysis Interesting long post on “May Day 2020: Berkshire Knitting Mills 1924: The Nazis of Reading, PA, in 3D”

  • 3D Legends

    Susan Pinsky’s site dedicated to people important to the world of stereoscopic imagery

  • Jim McManus’s Life is 3D

    He gave a presentation on converting 2d to 3d at the May 30, 2020 NYSA meeting. His website has some nice tutorials.

  • Antique Photographics Collections

    Images which make up the photo collection of Jeffrey Kraus quote “The impetus for this site was my desire to provide a comprehensive presentation of the New York City stereoviews produced by E. Anthony and E. & H.T. Anthony. Once I decided to produce the site, I then decided to expand it to all of […]

  • Forum

    long established discussion forum

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