The world of View-Master in an animated style. See the viewers in a 360-view, the history, the reels, the envelopes and look around in the View-Master Shop. From the creator of the site:My name is Rob Mulders and I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.My view-master collection started with the camera. … More THE ANIMATED VIEW-MASTER WEBSITE – Stereographic Images of WWI

This is the online site for the Boyd/Jordan collection of stereographs related to the Great War (WWI).  Stereoscopic photography was a popular pastime in the Great War period, and companies in most of the warring nations sold stereoviews. This web site describes the manufacturers of photographic stereoviews and explains how to identify … More – Stereographic Images of WWI


Wikipedea is a great starting off point. Please contact us with suggestions to add here. Main Stereoscopy page and page on Stereoscopic Viewers.Good description of the principals of an autostereoscopic display, which is used by the Fuji W3 and Nintendo 3DS.